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Medication Assistance

We offer an array of services to help patients stay compliant with taking their medications! Below are services that are offered at pharmacy locations!

Medication packaging

Refills & Transfers


medication counselling

Medication Packaging

Medication adherence can sometimes be due to patients being on numerous medications that they take a different times and the medications may have different doses. Some medications may be taken once a day and others may be taken multiple times a day. For some patients keeping track of which medications have been taken and when can be difficult.

Our prescription medication blister packing can be of assistance! We take all of your medications and presort them into easy to open packaging. Medications are sorted into morning, breakfast, noon, lunch, dinner, evening, and bedtime. 

Prescription Refills & Transfers

Getting your medications refilled and/or transferred should be a painless experience! And with our pharmacies, that's just what it is! We will fill your prescription refills when they are do! If you need your medications transferred to one of our locations, simply call us and we will take care of the rest! 


We offer delivery to your home or place of work (within the local area according to which pharmacy you go to) should coming to the pharmacy be inconvenient or impossible. Just call us and sign up over the phone for our delivery service.

Currently offering delivery at the following locations:

  • RX Discount Pharmacy

  • Bypass Discount Pharmacy

Medication Counseling

Do you have questions about the medications you take? Questions like:

  • When should you take it?

  • How should you take it?

  • Should you eat/drink when taking your medications?

You may want to ask to speak to the pharmacist for medication counselling if you have these questions! 

Are you taking several medications for multiple conditions? Finding it difficult to manage your medications? Are you having side effects of your medications or are you worried about possible side effects? If you said yes, you may want to seek out one of our pharmacists for medication counselling! They can answer your questions and help you feel comfortable taking your medications!

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