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We offer dental and gastroenterology compounds to help with dental anxiety, pain relief, alter formulations to meet patient needs, and more!

Our compounded medications can help treat:

  • Burning Mouth Syndrome

  • Ulcers, Canker Sores, and Oral Lesions

  • Overactive Gag Reflex

  • Thrush

  • Pain

  • Infections

  • Nausea

To make patient needs, we can make the dental and gastroenterology compounds with flavoring to help mask unpleasant tastes. We can also compound medications free of sugars, dyes, or preservatives. We can also compound medications that are no longer commercially available.

We make compounds in multiple dosage forms:

  • Ointments and Pastes

  • Lollipops

  • Mouth Washes

  • Sublinguals/Troches

  • Capsules

Speak to one of our employees at RX Discount Pharmacy today if you have any questions about about how these compounds may work for you!

At the Dentist


Whatever You Need

RX Discount Pharmacy is dedicated to making available compound medications across many different areas. Compounding within dentistry can go hand in hand as each patient has a different level of oral health and all are unique at some level from one another. Patients can have different sensitivities to medications or different tolerances and that is where compounding can come in handy. 

Gastroenterology compounding can help with various medical issues.. We make magic mouthwashes, capsules, suspensions, and more that can replace traditional oral medications or work hand and hand with an oral medication.  

RX Discount Pharmacy stocks a large selection of compound ingredients and supplies to meet every compound need (excluding sterile compounding (injections, intravenous compounds, and optical compounds)).  

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